Family-type nursery farm AGRO-TRUS

Situated in the center of Poland, 30 kilometers to the North of Łódź. Location near the city induced them to take up fruit production in 1990 and later they set to produce strawberry seedlings.

In our private nursery we produce strawberry seedlings, approved by the Inspection for Plants and Seeds Protection..

The certificate we receive is a guarantee of health and purity of the variety and it allows us to sell our seedlings on the entire territory of the European Union. It includes the soil analysis before the mother plantation creation, regular control and laboratory assessment of the nursery material.

New species

We are carrying out distribution sales. We are also interested in and open for the seedlings reproduction in terms of the client's license. Annually the nursery receives the Certificate of the Integrated Fruit Production and GLOBALG.A.P.


Production of fruit and strawberry seedlings since 1990.

Health guarantee

Our cuttings are qualified by the Plant Protection and Seed Inspection.

Regular checks

We conduct regular inspections and laboratory health assessment of nursery material.


We also sell by mail order.

Owing to the long-term experience we give our clients kind and professional advices.