We create mother plantations on a soft soil which is not subject to fungus diseases. Long-standing experience and professional equipment for the usage of plants security facilities (a subsidiary air stream) allow us to get healthy original material for the creation of fructiferous plantations. Using accessible plants security facilities we are carrying out a range of procedures aimed at the receiving of the healthiest seedlings and we use a protection program recommended by the Gardening Institute. The choice of breeds is not accidental as every breed is tested in our farm on a commodity plantation.

The selling of seedlings in our farm is realized during the following periods of time::

  • August – potted strawberry seedlings
  • after September 15 – green dug seedlings
  • in March and April – green seedlings (till the stock depletion)
  • spring and summer – frigo seedlings from the refrigerator chamber

We are carrying out distribution sales.

We are also interested in and open for the seedlings reproduction in terms of the client's license.
The original material – E1 and E2 for mother plantation creation we buy from Institute of Horticulture and foreign nurseries.

The offered seedlings of the varieties, registered in Poland, are approved. They have an original or a health certificate CAC.