The farm AGRO-TRUS which belongs to Mariola and Dariusz Wójcickie and which is situated in Pustkowa Góra has been taking up strawberry seedlings and fruits production since 1990.

We have been starting in 1982 with a seven-hectare land lot, where our center is situated now. During 30 years we have been widening the farm gradually buying other lots of land in addition to the existing ones and reaching the area of 100 hectares. The strawberry plantations together with the mother plantations occupy about 20% of the area

Along with the extension of the area we have been adopting new technologies of caring of strawberry by installing professional irrigation systems to create a plantation on agrofiber. At present everyfield where we are cultivating strawberry can be irrigated.

Pustkowa Góra

In a community named Pustkowa Góra, which is situated among the forests of Grotniki complex prevail soils of V and VI classes. Light podzolic soil isn’t subject to fungus diseases and perfectly does for the seedlings production. We remove the lack of water by watering them with the help of sprinkler installations or dropping lines. In the crop rotation between the periods of strawberry cultivation we use cereals and mustard in order to improve the health of the plantation.

Machine park

We’ve taken advantage of the European Union aid programs (SAPARD, SPO, PROW) while updating a train of machines. Owing to these programs we have professional equipment for the protection and fertilizing of plants and also we have refrigerating chambers for the strawberry seedlings storage. In future we are planning to construct a packing and marshalling yard in order to correspond to the expectations of consumers at home and foreign markets. As we have a family-type farm we are planning to expand the range to the production of raspberry and American red bilberry.