Origin: Polish variety (Elsanta x Dukat), the result of crossing between Elsanta and Dukat.

Plant: It has early-middle time of ripening. The breed is super fruit-bearing, with high sustainability to root system diseases, white and red blotch of leaves, gray mold and powdery mildew.

Fruits: The fruits are lightly-colored, bright, very large and very tasty, they are similar to Elsanta fruits by appearance, but they are less hard. They are fully colored, with gloss. A breed is a dessert one and it is very suitable for goods plantations and lots in holiday villages. In connection with weaker inclination to diseases and with frost sustainability it is grown as a breed alternative to Elsanta.

It is recommended for people who start commodity growing.

*Licensed variety. Varieties cannot be reproduced and sold, and according to new legislation cannot be duplicated for one's own needs.